Author Topic: Point me in the right direction... looking for a battery-powered iPod amplifier  (Read 1595 times)


Haven't shown up here in... almost a year, I think. My interests have really just driven me to other parts of the internet.

The specs I want specifically are:
Clearly audible (not too soft, but not loud either)... I don't know how else to put it...
Battery powered, if also able to plug in that would be a big plus.

I'm just looking for a schematic/layout, and really, I think I'd rather go with solid state because I want a very clear sound and would prefer not to have to buy more tubes every once in a while. I've been thinking about building an amp myself, just because it's so much more awesome than buying an amp in a case made of plastic pellets made in some province in China... and because I'd be able to say "I made it myself" and I'd be able to add more controls/modify it. Plus, I'd gotten a soldering station for Christmas which I still haven't used  ;D... Any suggestions?

sean k

So has the Ipod got a line level out and do you want to drive speakers. If thats the case then the man in Australia has lots of simple discrete amps.


Dano posted one of these a month or two back, it is just two independent lm386 amps running side by side for stereo.  Search for it.
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the cmoy headphone amplifier seems right up your alley if this is to be used only for headphones.


 Ah mate,
 he has an iPod.

 They already have earphones.


If you are looking for small easy DIY that can drive smallish speakers, you could try on based on the LM386. Here's one I built this week:

Schematic and more info here: