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Transistors found...
« on: September 24, 2003, 11:35:00 AM »

i found some Transistors and ICs and think, what they can be used for.
Perhaps, someone can tell me?

i have two B380C 1500 9012
one L7808c-v
some HCF4017BE (16Pin ICs)

perhaps the L7808 and the two B380C can be good for something..

thanx for suggestions

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Transistors found...
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B380C =  Single phase bridge rectifier 1.5Amps
L7808c-v = Positive Voltage Regulator 8V 1Amp
HCF4017BE = Decade Counter with 10 decoded outputs

Not sure what you can use these for...
Arn C.
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Transistors found...
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I don't have the details to hand, but you can use two common silicon diodes to 'boost' the output of the 7808 to 9.4V and hence make a useful stompbox power supply - if you can be bothered.  :?


Transistors found...
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   Go to a search engine like Google or Vivisimo. Type in your mysterious component's number/marking plus the word datasheet and hit search. Once you've downloaded your gizmo's datasheet form one of these sites it will tell you about its uses, specifications and architecture. (You may have to do a little digging, but most manufacturer's have free datasheets available on their websites.) If it still looks interesting, do another search using your component's number/marking plus words like application or guitar effect.
  Hope this info isn't already obvious to you. (File under: teach a man to fish and ---). Search engines are great for quick answers to basic questions, but probably not as fun as posting a forum question.