Switching Two Effects In One Box

Started by Arn C., May 08, 2009, 08:38:30 AM

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Arn C.

Howdy all,
   I am putting two effects in one box and would like to be able to add the 2nd effect to the end of the first effect and also true bypass.

Any help would be appreciated.  I know this is probably simple, but I am having a senior moment.

Arn C.

Auke Haarsma

depends on what you exactly want...but what's wrong with two 3PDT's?

Arn C.

Yes, two switches are fine, just can't figure it out.

Maybe I can make it clearer:

I have a distortion circuit that I would like to be able to add or remove a compression circuit after it.  Also I would like true bypass.
Just can't seem to get my head around figuring out how to wire it up.

Arn C.

Auke Haarsma

Ok, just imagine those two effects have their own enclosure. Two effects, two enclosures.

Normally you would bypass each effect with a single 3PDT. The connection between the two is a patchcable.

Now, we strip the two enclosures. replace the patchcable with 'normal' wires and connect output of dirt-effect to the 3dpt of the comp-effect.

But, here is the change:
-you connect the output of the compressor to the 2nd 3PDT, but the 2nd 3PDT leads back to the first 3PDT. The first 3DPT then goes to the ouput jackbus.

Maybe a little drawing would be easier. Hold on ;)

The French connection

The output of the first one become the input of the other.
Here's one with grounded input (better for high gain fx)

I know, but the pedal i built does not boost...it just increases volume!
My picture files:

Auke Haarsma


Just what I was wondering for a future project! Accidentally thanks in advance!

Arn C.

Thank you so much.  I could see it in my head, but just couldn't get it on paper.

Arn C.