stompbox switching problems----> Whats best?

Started by knealebrown, May 08, 2009, 04:59:16 PM

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Hi everyone,

Apologies if this thread is somewhere else but i have been unable to find one similar.

Im new to building and have been working my way through the GGG schematic of an alembic stratoblaster from scratch (no kit)

ive got the whole circuit built on stripboard and have hit a problem. :icon_sad:

i want to have it wired up in a stompbox with these options.

1. True bypass
2. Ability to be powered by 9v battery and BOSS style barrel connector
3. ON/OFF Status LED

Now far from buying a 3PDT foot switch which cost a BOMB! what is the best way to achieve these aims not using said switch?

any help (and diagrams :)) would be appreciated.

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