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akai deep impact
« on: October 16, 2009, 08:24:49 AM »
hi this is my first post i have an deep impact pedal, but it does not work the input level light are all on full and the screen just reads 88 and there is not sound. i have contacted panic solutions to look at it but they want 60 just to look at it to see if the main chip is blown, can any on help or have any spares or maybe look at it for me thanks rob


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unfortunately that is a digital pedal... so it would be quite hard/impossible to fix it if there is something wrong/broken, unless it is just a loose wire or burnt diode. I am sorry.
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Re: akai deep impact
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Yes, I have to agree with MarcoMike. If the a digital chip is blown then simply replacing the component would not solve your problem. The chip would still have to be programed.

Unfortunately if you want the pedal to work you'll have to pay the 60 plus whatever else they want to get it back in a usable condition.


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