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Re: Ironing technique: toner transfer
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I checked out your tutorial... nicely done! 

Just a couple observations/comments:

Somewhere in the middle it says you can't really reuse the acid, then at the bottom it says you can.  I have always reused mine.  In fact, disposal of the used solution is a real environmental hazard (which is why I never put it down the drain).  Even small amounts of dissolved cupric chloride will kill the bacteria used in waste treatment plants.  I'm no chemist (or waste expert), but there's a boatload of information about using/reusing this etchant here:

You also mentioned using 40% Hydrogen Peroxide.  I haven't been able to find any that concentrated, and I'm not sure I'd want to.  The stuff I usually get is "ClairOxide 40", which is a 12% hydrogen peroxide solution.  I think I'd be scared to try an actual 40% solution.

Finally, my jaw just dropped wide open when I tried the "label backing" media and saw how well it worked.  Imagine skipping the whole soaking/scrubbing step... worth a try don't you think?

John Lyons

Re: Ironing technique: toner transfer
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I re use the solution. Initially I did not. I just updated the article and it seems a little inconsistent.
I do save the used solution. I ought to look into where to take it some time soon :icon_eek:

With peroxide the 40% is the best for your money. Why pay for water which is the other 60%...
If you wanted a lesser percentage you can just add water. Most beauty supply places sell it.

I'll have to try label backing again. The first time I used it I did not get good results.


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