Author Topic: Old CPU-cooler as an LM3886 heat-sink  (Read 23855 times)


Re: Old CPU-cooler as an LM3886 heat-sink
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You're welcome. I personally love to recycle stuff that other people would just throw away, for a variety of reasons.

 Yep, it's same with me! :)

what are those big brown stuff ? is that the transformer? if so, it looks like itīs from the XIX century :P

 Oh, that was rude! :icon_exclaim:


 Well, it is PT. I have bought it maybe 20 years ago and it was some discount sellout IIRC, so it may be much much older - or maybe not: it was probably made here in communistic era yet and our factories did use pretty old technologies those days, so it may look older than it actually is.

 However, I did store it in good conditions and it works like a charm so far, we'll see :) I was happy to give it some use finally, hopefully it won't trip me up :icon_mrgreen:

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