Author Topic: Modding a GB-95 Crybaby, looking for the Kirk Hammett's sound and more...  (Read 1129 times)


So, I've been getting the itch to do mods to my trusty ol crybaby, which happens to look like this inside:

I'm planning to do the true bypass mod, along with doing a switch that can go between a guitar-friendly cap value to a bass friendly value, but more than that, I really want to know what's inside the Kirk Hammett signature wah's circuit, assuming that it's similar to the other pedals (Cantrel, Wylde, etc...) in which they all use the same board but with different components.

Jokes that can be made about his usage of the wah aside, I really like that pedal's sound but alias I'm broke... BUT, I'm handy with a soldering iron and I don't think components will too hard for me to find.

So, anyone have gut shots or have a pedal that they could do a gut shot of? o3o