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FV1 Chip pins
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Hi all!

A time ago I bought a FV1 chip, and wanted to build an effect around it. I don't want to have all the effects that the ic does because I've already have all of them on my pedalboard, I  just want a reverb, so I went to the FV1 datasheet to find out which hi/lo combination for S0 / S1 / S2 pins (pins # 16 to # 18) give a particular effect, but this info seems to be missing in the sheet. Does someone know how can I select a particular effect from the FV1?

Thanks a lot in advance!


Re: FV1 Chip pins
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Page 4 of the datasheet. The program number in binary on the S2-0 pins selects that program. I.e. "Reverb 1" is program 6 so S2=1, S1=1, S0=0
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Re: FV1 Chip pins
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Thanks a lot frank!