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Re: MXR Flanger redone
« Reply #80 on: October 15, 2013, 09:51:53 PM »

Please man there is no avaliable the links ??? of all your reference you post, please you will repost??? thanks! :icon_lol:

Or someone who have it please repost IT! thanks a LOT  8)

The board layout and the trace image posted by derhel1 is copied from Fender3D's build and schematic. I built a working MXR MN3007 flanger (routed my own board) from Fender3D's (wizard) schematic and by using original trace images as a guide.

You can build this flanger using the derhel1 or by purchasing a board from Madbean's site.

He has a project called the Collosalus which is a MN3007 MXR 117m flanger

All the information to build a MN3007 based MXR flanger is contained in this thread.

Fender3D's schematic:

Thomeeques made the magic; there is no access to FENDER 3D´s schemo!!! thanks I found it!!!!!!!!!!


Re: MXR Flanger redone
« Reply #81 on: March 15, 2014, 04:33:59 PM »
Hi everyone I'm new to this board but I've been building and fixing pedals, amps, etc. for 40 years..
 I weas trying to build the MXR falnger on perfboard but it is a pretty complicated circuit and my eyes aren't what they used to be. I also got too small of a Bud Box so I was trying to fit the darn thing in and cut the board in half but It still didn't fit.. or work.. Long story short I moved on to another project.
 So a couple of weeks ago I found the shredaholic pcb and the real MXR schematic. I made a board and had 99% of the parts including some SAD1024's.
After some serious debugging IT WORKS! It sounds so good. Big analog fatness. Ichicoo Park, Jet plane, Van Halen "Unchained" it's all there I was playing 6 sets a night 6 nights a week back then but I was using an ADA Flanger. It was deeper and crazier sounding but now I much prefer the MXR.


Re: MXR Flanger redone
« Reply #82 on: September 26, 2014, 06:53:53 AM »
Hi together,
I am about to build the MXR117 clone as with the retrofix for MN3007 and wanted to thank all the guys and especially Fender3D for the work done! I ahve created for me a pcb layout from the schematic posted in this thread. For everyone who is interested in here it is:

I am looking forward to finish my MXR117 clone!
stay tuned,

you have finished this FLANGER yet? please put all you have, BoM; layout wth values; modis please man!! thanks, I love FLANGERS :icon_wink:

Well the flanger made some progress although I am not completeöy through, don't have so much time lately...
Here are some pictures and the actual files.

The actual design of the board:

The board assemblied:

This is the chassis raw, painted and with the decal applied:


Re: MXR Flanger redone
« Reply #83 on: September 26, 2014, 07:36:10 AM »
Great work prover!

Can't wait to see and hear the finished product  ;)
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Re: MXR Flanger redone
« Reply #84 on: September 26, 2014, 07:45:24 AM »
can i use mn3007 for subtitute tda2107?


Re: MXR Flanger redone
« Reply #85 on: September 26, 2014, 07:53:42 AM »
can i use mn3007 for subtitute tda2107?

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