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First build starting towards a dream
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Hi there guys how are you doing?
This is my first post, and I am going to start building my first pedal.
My dream is to one day be able to build a two channel distortion/overdrive like the Doug Aldrich Majik Box Rocket Fuel pedal. Two channel marshall in a box Wampler Plextortion. I also love delay a whole lot I would love to make something like that. I have seen some of these radial pedals that have a 12ax tube in them I like their tone a whole lot and I would love to make some nifty stuff like that also I like true bypass. Of course I am just starting so where should I start?

 Not too much electric knowledge bare basics. You know my horizon so tell me where to begin and what books I should start reading and working through assume that I have no experience. I would love to specifically hear what you have to say where I should start. Thanks
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Re: First build starting towards a dream
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Good luck and you will get all the help you need here. I have built pedals like what you mention except delay. I have always bought my own delays.