Author Topic: Is there a way I can wire my pedals so that I can leave the jacks plugged in wit  (Read 6690 times)


without running my 9v battery down?
I have my pedals on a pedal board and in case the power supply cuts out mid-gig it would be nice to have a 9v battery in each pedal.
But i am very forgetful and i always forget to take my jack leads out so when i come back to it all my batteries have run down.
Is this just something I need to learn to remember? does power run through them as long as the jacks are connected?
the more and more i think about it i think this is a stupid question actually....
its just im building a guitar pedal and am wieghing up whether i am gonna have connectors for a 9v battery as i never use them cos i always wear them down.
Does anyone else not bother putting a battery adapter in their pedals?


If you wire your DC jack correctly, all you'd have to do is unplug the DC adapter cord from the pedal and the battery will kick in.
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i dont know if it is true of all power connectors, but when the power jack is plugged in the battery connector is effectively open circuit and therefor not using battery life. so if you leave the power connector in then you dont need to unplug your jacks.

make sure you get power connectors with 3 lugs

read the following for info with nice pictures



sorry just seen this. thanks!


Keep in mind that if the power goes out your amp won't work anyways, so it won't matter much if your pedals also don't work lol