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Hi, we are ToneClone Pedals, we sell DIY guitar pedal kits. We are also here to help people with thier questions about building effects kits. Tone Clone Pedals is aimed at the do it yourself client base providing our version of some of the most popular circuits in the history of effects pedals. Our mission is to provide a complete facility for the creation of DIY effects, PCB Boards, Custom PCB layouts, Accessories for the building process, Pre-drilled enclosures, Blank enclosures, Suggested modifications for the classics and Small modification kits for existing pedals. We expect our products and services to expand so please keep checking back.

We felt it was time to release products to the DIY community that offer everything in kit form. The current economy has not been friendly to anyone so we felt it was a good time to bring this to market. We want to give many props to the other DIY companies and their contributions to a great and unique market. We hope you dig our products and we are certainly open for suggestions on other circuits to provide.


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Why not modernize some classic pedal designs with sophisticated Tap Tempo controls?

See this page for more details:
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Well that is an idea. Maybe in the near future we will come out with an effects with simular waveform. We have quiet a few pedals in store right now.