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crash sync octave down
« on: October 21, 2009, 08:02:07 PM »
any of you who have built the crash sync, do you notice a subtle octave down when the trim pot is all the way up (clockwise)?
I love messing with this pedal and was wondering if anyone who's played with it might have any ideas about emphasizing the octave down effect. It's really quite nice, it's just too buried in the effect. Unfortunately, I'm still at the "read the schematic and build it" stage, and haven't progressed into the "let's rework this circuit a bit" stage.


Re: crash sync octave down
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You could stick a 4013 flip flop in between the last opamp and the 10K going to pin 4 of the 555 timer, to divide the square wave signal down an octave.  Look at the MXR  Blue Box schematic if you like that idea.  You'd really hear an octave down then.

If you do do that, remember the regular CMOS logic thing about always grounding unused inputs on the chip.