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Here is one I completed today.
The Improved EA Tremolo.
Thanks GGG with Robert Strand's and adjustments.
Worked right in the box, doubled and tripled checked.
Took my time and blue printed resistors and caps.
As good as my now limited old resistors would allow anyway.
Bottom line, this effect is great sounding, definitely worth it imho.
Controls work very well, over all I am impressed, can't say enough good.
Flashing LED is cool and also works as it should.
No noise or ticking....................
Add it to the wood pile.
(Note: See Eric's cool project on the previous page)

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Skip all the Gobbledygoop and cut straight to the Rigamarole.


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A charity sale build:

Circuit is a Distortion+ with several Wampler mods and a vintage Raytheon chip.  The delicious dumplings on the enclosure graphics are varenyky.
Storyboardist (Effects Layouts) donated the boards for this build.
Technical difficulties.  Please stand by.


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New MXR 117 layout. I did this on a 4-layer board which is now my favorite crutch for PCB design. Artwork was etched on yellowish FR-4, soaked in Aluminum Black then sanded back. It left a nice contrast on the PCB material and artwork. Finished with a couple layers of clear gloss. Sounds fantastic. My second "Gorefield" build.