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After having looked at the rather nifty compact veroboard layout, I noticed you said "5K Boost" instead of just 5K pot, and I remembered that instead of a 5K pot the guy at the shop gave me a 4.7K pot and said it would be fine-is this the problem? Still wouldn't explain the connection between the transistor pins-btw I got 9v off the emitter last time.


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I hope you used the stripboard layout in this forum. That one is verified. If two pins are exactly the same voltage, that usually means there is a short there.


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hey guys gt a problem here..
built this npn boost but it sounded like its nt working..
switch off bypass perfectly working
switch on the boost sounded like its still on bypass..adjusting pot does nth,
triple checked my switch no prob.
its like my the efx is having no effect on my guitar signal?it just goes thru the whole circuit n comes out clean like a bypass??