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typical phaser lfo waveforms?

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Cheers for the replies, sounds interesting. I was using an opamp astable for the squarewave and then an intergrator to obtain a triangle wave from it, would it be possible to get a hyper triangle from this setup? I have both opamps biased at around 4.5v and the output of the squarewave through a voltage divider to get 2v pk-pk.

Mark Hammer:
Check out this old article.

that's great, I'll have a try with that when I get back to uni.

Just out of interest, what should the output waveforms be biased at? Since they're roughly 2V pk-pk are they best being near 1V so that they swing bewteen 0 and 2V? I was going to use optocoupler to drive the stages.

Whatever you do, consider using rail to rail op amps to get the full sweep range.  You will be surprised how much better it sounds.

We have a schematic posted for doing that with our MV-53 tap LFO chip on the Phase 90, but you can modify any LFO in a similar manner.


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