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Some sort of A/B/C project. Help!
« on: February 01, 2010, 09:12:47 PM »
I built a bypass looper for a friend and now someone he knows has requested what I believe would be an A/B/C box. Guitar in, three amps out. I know he wants to run channels A and B at the same time, to two different amps and C on its own.  I'm going to copy and paste the emails and see if you guys can help me (and him) out.  I don't want to throw in the white flag, but I also don't know what I'm doing.  I know some problems arise when using amps like this, as far as ground hum, etc.  Anyway, here:

i have a peavey rockmaster preamp, a peavey vtm 60 and a peavey ultra 120.

guitar in. then the outs go to all three preamps.

this is a work in progress in my brain so im not sure exactly how i want to do this yet.. haha. but basically what im thinking is that each heads power section will go to one half of my stereo cab. the i wish i could somehow have the ability to route all three preamps into one or both power amps. but the reason i want the a&b option is so i could do something like have the rockmaster into the supreme  and the vtm 60 into itself each going through half the cab, for a 2 distortion sounds combined. in the end i may need some sort of switch box between the guitar and preamps, and between preamps and power amps.

make sense?
to better explain, the rockmaster is a 3 channel preamp with a clean,
rhythm and lead. no reverb. its all tube.

the vtm 60 is all tube, 1 channel, like a modded out jcm 800.

the supreme 160 is solid state, 2 channel with reverb.
the clean is really deep and bluesy, and the dirty has that solid stae
death metal sound ala pig destroyer, pantera, cannibal corpse, dying
fetus, etc...  so all in all i have 6 channels, and each are different
enough, that ideally id like to have access to them all.

in addition it would be really cool to choose weather each preap
channel went into a tube or ss power section. on top of that my only
reverb is the ss amp, so at times it could be cool for the rockmaster,
or vtm pre to go into the ss for reverb...

make sense now?

Any help would be appreciated!