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Ok, I see, thanks. That does sound unusually poor. 3KHz isn't a lot to ask, after all!

I know right! It shouldn't be much to ask for really  ;D

Just out of curiosity, what is the control voltage swing you are using for these delays?  If the voltage is too small, each stage in the bucket brigade will take longer to transfer its charge to the next stage.  Maybe higher voltages would extend the frequency response.

It's the same as the supply rail, 9V. The clock is generated from a 4047 based circuit and buffered by a 4049. Even with the buffer there is a rise time that becomes more prominent at higher clock rates, but even at 110 kHz the BBD output seems to reach the right voltage, maybe I should take a better look at that!

WAIT... did you teepee SMD caps??  :icon_eek:

Yes, haha, I thought I might have gotten away with that  ;D I forgot to add gain trims for the BBDs so I have to insert resistors to reduce the gain instead.


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Excellent stuff - as usual - congratulations to all, Guys !

I apologize for my approximative english writing and understanding !