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Mission 1: Blue Clipper
« on: February 12, 2011, 05:53:39 PM »
Hi Everyone,
this is my very first project, and, as it should be, it doesn't work  ;D
Now, i've read the Debugging guide (god bless the writer), and i' ve found out some "malicious" components (and replaced' em).
Still don' t working...  :icon_confused:
I have some suspects for the IC...
well, i really can't get out from this situation, so, i'm imploring community's help
According To DEBBUGGING Guide:

1 - [ISSUE] no sound at all (i'm unsing no bybass)
2 - [CIRCUIT NAME] Blue Clipper
R1 -> 220k
R2 -> 270k
R6 -> 12K
Equivalent Diodes (cant' remember the name :P)
7 - At this point, i should've posted the voltage for each pin of each component but i've noticed something strange.
     in some components, the voltage is 0.00 (?)
     If this can be useful, i can write the full list, but now (Hoping that my suspects are founded) i'll write just the IC's voltages

TL071 (8pins)
approx. 9,52V DC IN (Battery)
pin 1: 0,05
     2: 9,10
     3: 0,00
     4: 0,05
     5: 0,00
     6: 0,59
     7: 0,00
     8: 0,00
(pins 3,5,7,8 seems to be dead, not, as 4 and 1 that moved a little my multimeter)
thanks in advance for the Help  :)


Re: Mission 1: Blue Clipper
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Substitutions are fine.

Did you use TonePad's board? Or etch your own? Or perf-boardf?

Pin 7 is supposed to be +9V. It comes right from the battery via any switch, jack, or other stuff, to "+9V" on PCB then a half inch trace to IC pin 7.

Pin 2 must NOT be +9V; this says there is something else wrong (which is why I wanna know what board you use).


Re: Mission 1: Blue Clipper
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I' ve used a Stripboard, than, "draw" the circuti on it.
some photos can be useful?
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