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My latest builds
« on: February 25, 2021, 11:34:21 PM »
Hi ! Im from Argentina, this are my latest builds for customers, hope you guys like it !

Feel free to ask anything i you want it, iīll answer

I made my boxes with metal sheets, i cut and i fold with grinder, the paint is primer and acrylics, the swirl style is just pouring, you can google it for tutorials, is not the same as swirl because you donīt use weird things, just water , alcohol, dish washer soup, vaseline and patience, i will post videos about that process if i can

This is how i made my boxes, is takes a time, but is less expensive, i spend 10usd for a 50x100 cm metal sheet, and i make like 15 1590a , even more pherhaps i donīt have my book of calculation but is more cheaper and if you have the patience, you can build alternative forms like the old maestros fuzzes that i love

here some builds , hope you like it guys

sorry for the bad english, we live in a sandbox as couuntry ( but with great food and whine )


Re: My latest builds
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Thanks for sharing.

Radical CJ

Re: My latest builds
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.... ( but with great food and whine )

There are definitely some good Malbecs.