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My first diy. Help...
« on: September 18, 2017, 09:33:09 PM »
So I bought this cheap diy distortion pedal kit off of Amazon for 20 bucks and the diagram,my page it came with is quite vague for someone who's never done basic circuitry before. I thought id just wing it anyway. I got everything in the pcb and soldered. I feel like my i/of jacks are done right but I'm stuck on theach 3pdt. How does it work when being mounted on the pcb? Do I still have to jumper i/o leads from the pcb to the 3pdt? When I set it up to test the led came on and off as it should but no sound whatsoever. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks! :icon_biggrin:


Re: My first diy. Help...
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Hi, and welcome!
First, take a deep breath.  You're in good hands.  I don't necessarily mean my hands -- jeez louise, it would be a disaster if I personally promised to debug every newcomer's circuit!  :icon_lol:  What I mean is, if you have the patience to answer a bunch of questions, and a willingness to learn more than you were planning to learn, then you have found the right place.

I'll get started with two important bits:
1) We can't really tell what you are trying to make without more detail.  I think you mentioned a diagram....  Can we see it?
2) There is a "debugging page" link above.  Please click it and read a while with your favorite beverage in hand.  This is not meant to chase you away.  Quite the contrary.  It is more to get you used to the questions you will be asked and the questions you should ask yourself. 

We help because we enjoy helping.  Now, take some time and carefully tell us on more specifically how we can help you.  :icon_wink:  (or, ask more questions.  That'll get us closer to an answer too.)

Personally, I'm going to bed.  Other awesome people will help you while I sleep, I predict.  :icon_cool:

One last thing:
For your pics, try to get more ambient light involved so you don't have hard shadows that look like tons of additional black wires.   :icon_wink:
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Re: My first diy. Help...
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Thank you for the quick response. I have already figured out a few things. Like since the 3pdt is mounted on the pcb it's all internally wired, so that's a good start. I removed all wiring from 3pdt to devices. My only issue now seems to be that when I engage the pedal I have no guitar signal. The bypass part and led are working fine just can't get the effected signal.


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Re: My first diy. Help...
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Is the opamp installed the right way around?  I can only make out a tiny bit of the screen printing on the board, but I don't see the common notch indication under the notch end of the opamp.

If it is backwards, it may be toast.

Can you post voltages from the opamp pins (read to ground)?


Re: My first diy. Help...
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I removed all wiring from 3pdt to devices.
Did you also "removed" possible damage due to previous wiring..??  :icon_wink:

In theory, double wiring causes no harm, but only if it's absolutely correct..!!
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