Echodeck - Quad PT2399 delay/reverb/chorus

Started by ~arph, July 23, 2010, 03:25:20 AM

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Not sure yet, I think I will I owe this place so much


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Oh boy, half a year since the last post. This thing is still on my radar. I recently accuired the real deal (binson echorec export) it was a malfunctioning unit. After a cap job and some wire replacement it stopped smoking and now it runs fine  Grin

Meanwhile I have been tinkering with the button interface and am ready to replace the arduino I used with a single DIP8 ATTiny85. New feature will be that you can store four preset head states.
I also discovered that most of the noise issues I have come from the mixing stage! So I hope to drop the noise gate in favor of PCB space.  Together with the recent developements on PT2399 noise reduction I have enough material to start on version 2.0. I figure it'll take me another six months again, maybe longer as I have lots of other stuff happening (becoming a dad is one of them).

Stay tuned!

( meanwhile check out my sentinel! Tongue  I'm sorry if I've bored you with it before..I just feel it deserves some more views)

That's amazing!! Layout, pcb, schem, vero, ...something? :icon_mrgreen:


Seriously, that Sentinel sounds stellar, not to mention it looks significantly less complex than an Echodeck! Are PCBs available for purchase yet? Don't go and tease us with a sick video and then skip out on the info, man!  :D


It would be even wickeder if it did flanger, as suggested in another PT2399 thread.
...collectors together and emitter to base? You're such a darling...



the sentenel and the echodeck are both sick.  +1 on PCB's for both projects  :icon_lol:


Haha, have you seen the guts of the echodeck?  that'll take some time to get it properly done.

As for the sentinel, I'm still putting in the final touches. I don't think I'll do a layout here as the one I use is double sided. Might post a schematic though when it's done.


Quote from: asatbluesboy on July 19, 2011, 01:20:12 PM
It would be even wickeder if it did flanger, as suggested in another PT2399 thread.

Maybe someday, but it'll be a completely different project..
First I'll do project that is based on this mad contraption:


Keep on truckin!  I'd love to see a project for this, it is one of the two remaining pedal projects that I care about (the ludwig phase II being the other)!


Just passing by today and notice this thread, I'm planing to make one of this stuffs, either but using BBD to make a "dual head delay" in series, or two or more pt2399. And when I found this, wow! but now the best part... how are the connections between each module done? Waiting to see the schematics!

greetings from PT


I actually started working on mine again. I've isolated certain parts of the binson echorec 2 (preamp, input mixer, feedback mixer, tone control and output mixer) and plan to apply them here. 3 tubes.. high voltage.. pt2399 :D

But I'm still going to keep the awesome switches!


You could post some schematics :)

tube buffer is also a great ideia, i've made once the real mctube and the distortion of it rules. Perhaps with some changes I could turn it into a overdrive or just a simple buffer, but in tube  ;D

For the switches i'll use relays perhaps but if my inspiration is up, controlled by a pic and a lcd display :icon_biggrin:


Sorry, no schematic. The ones I have are not good enough. Too many design flaws that need to be ironed out first.


Just wondering how switching is done, you use delays in series or parallel? I'm about to buy some pt2399 to make some tests...


His switching is done by an Arduino and his delays are in series all set for the same delay time, if I recall correctly.


Quote from: mth5044 on May 09, 2012, 03:50:21 PM
His switching is done by an Arduino and his delays are in series all set for the same delay time, if I recall correctly.


A friend of mine is about to borrow-me a arduino... a good way to start :)

Let's hope we can get schematics for this toy soon...!


I've made up quite a few, but none are complete or tested, and they take some fixin to get legible, but the concept itself isn't too hard.

Four PT2399 'heads' encased in a feedback loop surrounded by a blend control, essentially. Tone control, compander, etc, optional. You don't have to use an arduino for switching, ~arph did it to control the switching array, but it's just as easy as using 8 spst switches.


Yes, using SPDT switches it looks more "vintage". I'm also thinking in using also a PIC with a LCD just for fun, could use memory banks for presets etc etc.



Correct. Except that you can still set all delay times with a pot. At minimum they are all equal (set by precision trimmers). The uC switching can indeed be replaced by simple switches. I actually did that to test the concept. Look at the magnus modulus for the modulation part. (I use a different LFO, but that doesn't really matter). I only modulate the first PT2399 delay stage.
Now I'd replace the arduino with just the uC. But as there is a arduino nano in there the footprint doesn't really matter.


In a future to come version of a "binson rec" I was wondering using digital pot's, controlled via software of the pic to set the time for each head, the amount of regeneration, LFO etc. But that will miss all the fun of making something with a look and feel more "vintage".

Buffer with tube it's on his way, if weekend allows i'll post some stuff here :)



I've done a lot of stupid things in my life... and this is one of them.

The outerworkings.. preamp, mix, tone, and 3 mixers  :icon_lol:

Pretty simple, actually. I'll be surprised if it works!