Not a self-build, but help required...Maxon OD808

Started by Jeast78, November 17, 2013, 02:33:46 PM

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Recently purchased a Maxon OD808 from eBay, but when it arrived it had developed a fault.  See in this video -

In the video it sounds like no signal at all is making it through, but in actual fact there is a very tiny amount of level coming from the amp when the pedal is engaged.  There is also a fairly significant amount of mains buzz when engaged.

Any idea what might cause a fault like this?  I have built pedals in the past, so have the tools to test and possibly repair, but would appreciate advice on where to start.



Did you get the DMM out and test the voltages?
Have you got an audio probe?
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Symptoms like that, I'd bet on a busted wire. Get a bright light and maybe a magnifier.