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TS808 Drive Control Stops Working
« on: August 02, 2010, 09:30:26 PM »

I've had my 808 clone for a few years, loved it.  Hard to find a better OD box.  But I've had a problem twice recently.  The drive control stops working.  It's like its on full up no matter where the control knob is.  The first time it did it was a few weeks ago.  I opened it up and just looked to see if any wires were loose, and nothing was.  Mysteriously, it started working again.  It's been on my board for the past few weeks and just today the same problem.  I opened it up, but couldn't stumble across the dumb luck this second time :P.  Any ideas what to look for?



Re: TS808 Drive Control Stops Working
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The wiper is going open circuit. Resolder the connections to it and to any wires connected to it.

In response to the questions in the forum - PCB Layout for Musical Effects is available from The Book Patch. Search "PCB Layout" and it ought to appear.

Craig V

Re: TS808 Drive Control Stops Working
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Awesome!!  Thanks for your quick reply!  Took care of the problem.  Can't believe it was so simple.

Have you had a chance to check out the Ibanez TS808HW?  Sounds pretty good from the clips I've heard, but not for $350.

Thanks again!


Re: TS808 Drive Control Stops Working
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Every heard of the UBE Screamer from Run Off Groove?

I've designed/combined a version with the input and outputs of the original TS808. I had to debug it a bit (forgot some connections). This is the design:

IMO it sounds way better than the TS808, much less 'gritty' but with the same overall sound. Just much smoother.
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