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NEW PRODUCT: Taptation Tap Tempo controller

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I am pleased to announce that I have a new item in the store. It's a PT2399 controller called the Taptation written by The Tone God.
Here is the data sheet:
Application note:

The kit comes with the controller and a digital potentiometer so you can start using it right away.

Thanks to The Tone God!


  This should help spice up the control factors, as well as ramp up the worm can opening rate ! Cool !

Very nice :)

The Tone God:
I'm really happy with this product. With the TapTation controller you can turn any PT2399 based delay basically into a Deluxe Memory Boy all for $20. But the TapTation can be used for more then just delays. You can use it as a clock source for sequencer / Vanishing Point type effects. You know all those threads about digital clock noise ? Well TapTation solves that problem and adds the tap tempo function. TapTation can even be used to make a quick tap tempo tremolo or to replace the LFO in somethings like phase 90s. Its not a one trick pony part.

Over the next while I'll post an article on various mods to be used with the TapTation. Fun will be had. :)

I hope everyone enjoys it.


Way Cool !!!
Looking forward to those write ups on more mods.


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