Author Topic: Need help sourcing a cover for tubes. Open to suggestions. PLEASE HELP!!!  (Read 240 times)


I am looking for a cover for the 12AX7's popping out of the top of the enclosures on a couple of preamp pedal builds.
Specifically, I am looking for something that completely covers the tubes similar to the tube cover on the Mesa V-twin.
It does not have to look the same but it has to have ventilation, so louvered, perforated, mesh or slotted metal would work.

Google and digging through dozens of websites has yielded nothing but a migraine and I am at my wits end.

Also, I don't have the ability to mill my own holes in a solid box. These will be intended for sale in the future and so the solution to my problem must look professional.

I have included 3d models of the pedals I am building as well as the Mesa V-Twin for reference.

Thank you so much.


Something like that would be easy to fabricate yourself with expanded or perforated aluminium or steel, using a bending brake and some simple jigs. I purchased a 36"/914mm brake capable of bending up to 17g steel (0.05625"/1.4mm) for around $100AUD/$70USD last year, and it's come in very handy for fabricating all sorts of enclosures. Might be something worth considering.


You could go with the standard looking tube retainer, but anodized...

or more high end;


Otherwise, as Phoenix suggests, you'll have to get a brake, some expanded or perforated sheet metal, and make your own if something as elaborate as the Mesa is desirerd.


Or contract it out.
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