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openmusiclabs MICrODEC
« on: February 08, 2011, 07:29:48 AM »
hello all
im new to this forum but am really active over at the x0x forum
and have always appreciated the info on this site

i finished a project a while back
that i thought might be of interest to people here
its the MICrODEC - a reprogrammable effects box

its based around an atmega3250p
and we are working on getting it arduino compatible
although the amount you will be able to do in that environment is limited

its 16b stereo at 44.1kHz with 6s of sample time
and has 16 stock functions already coded up for it
its not quite a stompbox but can be easily modded into that form factor

any feedback would be welcome


Re: openmusiclabs MICrODEC
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Good job on this project, looks promising.
No I have to save some bucks to buy the basic kit ;D

thanks for posting