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A couple simple questions
« on: March 04, 2011, 05:02:15 AM »
1. How should the beginner project board sound? I breadboarded it but didnt have the right pot and it just sounds clean
2. If i dont have the right pot at the moment what can i do? All i have is an A100k. Is there a way to use the A100k as a temp solution or to wire the board without the pot entirely and just have it set to max?


Re: A couple simple questions
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Also at the bottom of this circuit towards the left there is an intersection (where the 100k, 10k, 47k, and 22uf meet). Is this supposed to be a node where they meet or is it supposed to go over the other?


Re: A couple simple questions
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Hey Shadow! Welcome to the forum,

Yes, they all meet up at that point. If they did not, you'd see a little "U" shaped line segment notating that it was going over the other.

You can place that 100kA pot in place there, but it won't function the same way (tail end of the pot will have all of the volume/boost control). If you built it correctly, it should just give you a clean boost.