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Did I get this right?
« on: April 04, 2011, 03:25:58 AM »
Had to make something for my class in school and I chose this beginner project.
I need to get the schematics explained correctly so I did some research.
Went through another thread and stumbled upon these:
actually the same thing
I already find this a little out of my knowledge.

I don't have any experience so I assume there are many mistakes.
here's my try:

C1 / R3: Forms a high frequency filter.

C3 / C2: Filter/Cut out the DC from the battery so the current won't flow into the output jack and mess up your amp/cab etc.

VR1 / C4 / R5: Increases/Decreases the signal gain from the emitter to ones favor, the capacitor 1)Stables the values of pot (the current physically "shakes" the pot making the pot increase or decrease from the value you tuned) and 2)Increases the gain when the pot is driven all the way up. R5 prevents voltage overflow.

R1: Converts the voltage from the transistor to the suitable output voltage.

Q1:When the guitar signal flows into the Base, it allows the voltages from the Collector end to flow as well out to the Emitter, amplifying the guitar signal.

Need help with R2 and  R4

Thanks in Advance for the help!
Credits go to those who set the project up.


Re: Did I get this right?
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These work great, thanks aron!


Re: Did I get this right?
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Okay , turning up the pot doesn't "increase" gain , but rather setting it to normal , what you would get if you went without the pot ,
turning all the way down reduces gain , in form of reducing resistance , not setting it to normal . ( Depends on how you orientate is , up or down , yes . )