MIDI switcher programming

Started by burningman, February 07, 2008, 10:49:47 PM

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I would like to learn from scratch how to build something like the GCX or MR9. I don't have much of a programming background but can learn quickly. I have seen all the other threads and related inks on building switchers but am still left with some questions:

  • What MIDI resources should I be looking at? Is it worth purchasing the midi specifications, GML or other documentation from midi.org?
  • What microcontroller is more suitable PIC, Motorola etc.
  • Are there advantages to programming in C opposed to C++? What literature could you recommend in learning either languages in relation to the midi programming that I'll be doing?
Thank you for whatever help you are able to provide.
cheers, ian


Sorry for bring up a very old thread. I would rather use something relevant from the SEARCH than create the same type of question.

I am looking to make my own MIDI controlled switcher and looking for resources on learning to program for MIDI.

The project that I have in mind is still in the "pencil and paper" stage - trying to figure out exactly what I want, the routing, etc. so if anybody has any advice on the subject, that would be welcomed also.