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Favorite Transistor and why???
« on: April 18, 2011, 11:50:52 PM »
After modding Marshalls the last 15 years Ive decided to start where I started from. So I built the NPN Boost and it pushed a 100W JMP witht he SIR 34mod quite nice. Even though I used 1/2w resistors and a 200w .1u it fit on a 6X10 pef. My question to the StompBox Community is: which is the preferred transistor for this circuit? I dont have any transistor experience but Im sure its like us tube junkies with their characters and parameters. So which one is it?[/img]


Re: Favorite Transistor and why???
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Not having built that particular circuit I can't tell you my favorite for that application.  But I can tell you some of my other favorites:

MPSA13 - cheap, high gain transistor, easy to work with

Also I have a couple favorite IC's (just a ton of transistors on a chip really):

LM386 - super easy "amp on a chip" situation, also cheap and will run on almost any regular battery supply (3v-12+)
TL072/TL074 - cheap preamp chips that do the job well

So for us solid state guys it's mostly about being cheap, reliable and easy to work with.  Sound wise you don't get much "tone" from a certain chip or transistor - it's the rest of the circuit that does that really.
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Re: Favorite Transistor and why???
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I tried a couple of different transistors i the NPN Boost besides the 2N2222 (2N5088, 2N5089, BC549C and OC140 germanium) and I decided to stick with the 2N2222. I really liked the OC140 as well and I actually built in a switch so I could switch between the OC140 and the 2N2222. I removed the switch later as I never used it as i preferred the 2N2222. I can't give you a "why", it just sounded better.




Re: Favorite Transistor and why???
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Amp used, JMP 2203 with gain tweaks. Tried the 2n3904, a bit noisy and I actually got some radio signals which seemed weird since my amp is sheiled. Then the 2222, which seemed like a gain reduction and as turned up lost highs and got bassy, weird. Then the 5088, lots of gain, juicy, quiet, and cost $.08. Im hooked now guys.