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How do I solder these things?
« on: May 06, 2011, 03:51:35 PM »
I decided to make a Fuzz Factory after someone mentioned making one myself. So I got the parts and a tutorial
THEN I found out about this website (unfortunate order) so I have a question.

This was the image how to make the pedal:

I would like to know how I make these connections at the red arrows. I have a piece of perfboard with copper rings at each hole, no stripboard.
I understand how connecting the components work (I think): connect them like this:

But here the distances are just too big, how should I connect these parts? Copper wire? One long slab of solder? Both seem... wrong to me.

Upside view from my project so far: (the Potmeters wil come 3 holes under the black dots, otherwise it won't fit in the box. It also misses one resistor, I have yet to place it) (The back side, nothing soldered so far.)


Re: How do I solder these things?
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Just use a bit of wire on the component side. Cut it to the right size with a bit extra each end, strip it and push it down the nearest hole, then solder it to that hole and the pin!

Assuming you're using through hole pots here. If you're using pots with lugs just join them directly with the wire.


Re: How do I solder these things?
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Thanks, I'll just use wire then  :)