Author Topic: Searching schema for Digitech DSP 128. Couple of capacitors burned down.  (Read 3303 times)


Hi all, this is my very first post after several months lurking over your works.
Now, I'm in trouble and I need you help, if it is possible.
A friend of mine is the owner of a Digitech DSP 128. I was a rack effect DSP and it is almost twenty years old.
He wasn't using it from several years. This because of a problem he used to think related to the power section.
Few days ago he gave it to me. Today I've opened it founding that if I plug the power chord and turn on the power switch, the device switch on correctly but a couple of capacitors burned down. One of them is completely gone and I can't even see the value. The other one made some smoke but I've switch it off before everything bursts.
Now, I only know that they are components C29 and C30. Nothing else.
I've searched over the internet for a schema with no luck.
I've wrote to Digitech support few ours ago and now I'm waiting for a reply.
I would ask if someone of you got a schema or just the DSP so it would be possible to open it and read the value of the capacitors.
Thank you very much for your kindness.


Pick the biggest that will fit, if they're electrolytics they are unlikely to be used in anything RC critical.