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Im building the Obsidian stompbox. This is my first stompbox so naturally when I soldered everything up and tested it out, nothing happened. I get no signal at
all through it. I checked my pots and verified there position. If im correct, with the stem aiming down its 3.2.1 from left to right.  On the capacitors in which
have an arrow showing flow, I aimed the arrow to the ground part of the circuit.

On the diagram...  I  ran the ground for the battery
into one of the top four holes where i assume its for the ground. I rana  ground from the input jack to the output jack and then to the board.  Same as the LED, I ran the ground leg to the board, but it doesnt light up.

How and where would I start to test where I went wrong. 

I did use some resistors that were both 1/4 and 1/2 watt. Is this the nature of the problem?

Any help would be appreciated



ok, so far i swapped out the led and used a 1k LED and it lit. So, when I plug the battery in the led goes on regardless, being i have it sent to a direct ground.
Could it be in the jacks? Are they wired wrong? I individually grounded each one. Still. no sound at all.


Hi there.

Just to get it out of the way, you're inevitably going to be directed to the debugging topic: DEBUGGING - What to do when it doesn't work. Read it. Live it. Love it.

Now, since this is your first build, I would recommend simplifying. Get rid of the switch. Get rid of the LED. Get rid of everything that isn't the effect circuit. I've seen so many people who have had issues with their first builds that were complicated by switching and indication mistakes, which are very easy to make.

Strip it down to the circuit board, and hard-wire it to the input and output jacks. Get the circuit to work. Once you are confident that the circuit itself works as you expect, you can then tackle switching and indication.

Good luck!

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