Anyone know how to make this

Started by DonB, August 03, 2011, 02:35:50 PM

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it seems like an easy switching riddle...  :P
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I'm not going to pretend to know anything about this or electronics in general, but surely that should be a single footswitch that bridges the tip and ground of the amp control jack and and directs the output + input to one of the two loops?  What is the power for except the LEDs?
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I have tryed to do it before (with 3dpt switch)  and as im not very electronically inclined came up with nothing.


With a 3PDT you're going to have to omit the LED but it'd work, just use two poles to change between loops and the other one to ground the channel switching input.

With a 4PDT switch you could have an indicator LED as well. Its either that or some simples relays.


If someone has a diagram for this it would be great

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This looks like the same thing

EDIT; It's not the same thing. I just read the description and clearly I was mistaken...


Quote from: John Lyons on August 04, 2011, 12:44:46 PM
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I have searched many times, and found nothing like what i need


i think you could just use a 3pdt and wire it so the 1st pole is connected to the input tip, and the top trow is out to fxloop A's tip, bottom throw is out to fxloop B's tip, then the middle pole is to the out jack tip, and the top thrpw is A's return tip ,bottom throw is return B's tip...
just like a normal dpdt wiring... and you just use the third pole wired up like a channel switch with led... i think these type of 'universal channle switches are just a spst with a led to tell you when its on...or in this case when channel B is on...

--- third pole wired like the top 'to amp channel' part with the left circle representing the middle lug, and ground at either the top lug or bottom lug (or wired to a 'out of phase' type dpdt switch to change which loop gets a light... maybee with the addition of a dual color led you could get light for a when on as well as a different color for b? not sure ,but this way you can at least get one led for loop b/channel 2
and off (no light) for loop A / channel 1...

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