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DC jack help
« on: August 28, 2012, 09:59:46 PM »
I recently ordered the RG neovibe board, I bought a 24VDC wall transformer and a 24VDC jack. I didn't realize it was SMD/SMT, would I be ok to still just solder the correct wires to the jack and not worry? Or is SMD/SMT a must solder to pcb kinda part, I don't wanna short/ruin anything. May sound like a stupid question but im new to all of this :]


Re: DC jack help
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You can usually solder directly to the pins if they are big enough,  otherwise what a lot of people do with pcb-mount components is solder them onto a small rectangle of veroboard and then connect the wires to that.

That's what I do with pcb-mount pots anyway, it would work for other components too, making it less fiddly and reducing the possibility of melting the component's plastic with too much heat.


Re: DC jack help
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The main thing is to make sure if is secure so it doesn't move around when you insert and remove the plug. If it is panel mount (has screw threads and a nut) you'll be ok. If it is supposed to mount to a board with some legs for stability and nothing to hold it to the enclosure, you could have a problem.
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