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LPB-1 & F.F. in one enclosure
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I want to put a LPB-1 & a FF in one enclosure and had a few questions. Does each circuit need it's own 9v battery (seems that it would)? If so, I'm guessing that they can't share a common ground, correct? And, since the second effect will have no input jack and receive it's input from the first footswitch, how would you turn the battery off to the second pedal since removing the plug from the input jack will have no effect on the second circuit? Hope this makes sense...... I did a search for this using, "Two effects in one enclosure" and didn't find what I was looking for. Thanks.


Re: LPB-1 & F.F. in one enclosure
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I don't think BOTH of these circuits draw enough current to merit a second 9V battery. You can probably get by with one battery for both.

Good Luck  ;D

EDIT: I love Google  ;)

BTW: Your FF AND LPB will need to be Negative ground if you want to put them in the same box.
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Re: LPB-1 & F.F. in one enclosure
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Thanks for your help.  :)