Tube Screamer on PerfBoard - problem on first run.

Started by ribolovec2, August 11, 2011, 11:24:09 AM

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Hello, fellows! I've been building a clone of the Tube Screamer, but since i didn't feel like etching my own PCB and stuff, i decided to do it on a perfboard (i had some laying around). I found this layout on the internet (the schematic - . Since this schematic is slightly modified - there are some components missing, i added what was missing, so that the result is 1:1 to the original schematic. The problem is that the first time i trued it out, it didn't work. There was only noise (very unpleasant). I started inspecting and i found a wrong connection i'd made and corrected it, but it didn't work again. I know that most probably there's still some wrong connection on the perfboard, but i've been looking at it all day now and i can't find anything. Would you please give me some advice and directions where the problem may be. When i turn the volume pot down, the noise is lowest (although it is still noisier than with the FX bypassed). I had some doubts that the problem was in the output buffer and i fed the base of the transistor with the signal straight from the guitar - the guitar sound was mixed with very loud noise (much much more than acceptable. That's all the diagnostics i've done so far, since i don't have any lab equipment - test generator or oscilloscope. Please, say where you think the problem may be, i'm hearing every piece of advice. Thanks in advance!!