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Boss SD-1 LED Diode concern
« on: August 19, 2011, 07:15:19 AM »


Just Modded my SD-1 with a standard red brightness 3mm LED in position D4. Have check orientation which appears to be correct - and the pedal sounds a little louder.
Should the LED light up in this position? Have previously modded the clipping diodes to LED's in my DS-1 and they do.

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Re: Boss SD-1 LED Diode concern
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I think the LED has a higher forward voltage than whatever diode was in there before (1N914/1N4148 probably), meaning it'll cut the more extreme parts of the signal passing through, meaning a louder output.
The LED's should light up when the signal is getting clipped

FYI: You'll get a lot more responses in the "building a stompbox" section  ;)