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Good news !!!

I solved the problem, for some reason one of the filter capacitors to ground at pin 7 of the section of the "long delay" was bad, i changed it and now sounds perfect. i don't know if was a bad luck ... but that small capacitor was the problem .....kill me please  :'(

Looks like the diode is disconnected from the circuit, i see an unsoldered pin on the bottom right ..

Man that soldering job is NASTY.. I think you should do it again, and get 1mm or thinner drill bits

This diode is disconnected because i made a bridge on the JFET for the effect is always active

and yeah ... i know that soldering it's sucks, but that's because i resoldering many times looking for the problem ... it's kind of pcb test so doesn't bother me it all ejejeej
may also be that the picture not favor much jejej

A lo chilensis: Si en la foto se ve entero penca pero es una prueba asi que no me intereso mucho que se viera bien sino que cumplieran con el objetivo

Saludos !!

Cheers guys !!


Re: Equinox: Easy PT2399 Reverb
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Good to know that it worked!

when I checked every pin with an audio probe there were some nasty noises.


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It is not about the looks..huge blobs of solder ussually are more trouble than an effective connection.. Probably the bad capacitor was due to overheating..always use a probe before resoldering to find exacly where the issue is, or thereabouts, then you reflow or check for broken connections or bad components..but adding blobs of soder ussually hide this imperfections..
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Ive just finished up mine!!
Sounds just like the others i heard from here!

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Hope you like it.