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Re: GTFO - Full tube high-gain pedal (2x 12AX7)
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Ground planes are pretty common, but it's easier to have ground loops if you don't pay too much attention when you're doing the layout. That's why the oscillation, specially on high gain circuits.


Re: GTFO - Full tube high-gain pedal (2x 12AX7)
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I'm going to start GTFO build soon but one thing puzzles me.. there is a pcb design available  in this thread (Reply #407). So, this design has a copper fill around whole board. Has anyone experienced any issues because of this? I have two or three layouts in which I had to break a copper fill loop.


I built a few using that pcb and they were all surprisingly quiet.. no hum, no buzz, nothin! The only thing I didn't like about that type of layout is that the tubes are standing upright, naked and exposed  :icon_eek: I know you can build a roll cage around them but, it just makes me paranoid... So, I have been using layouts where the tubes are mounted on daughter board and now I can sleep at night again.. 

Here are a few for example :icon_wink: < Sprint Layout
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