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Ok, I have built this twice and am having the same exact effect. I get nothing...even when the guitar cable is plugged in. However if I touch the sleeve and ring together with my needle nose pliars on the sterio jack the led lights up and stays lit no matter how many times I click the switch. Can anyone tell me what I have done wrong here? I appreciate any response and thank you for your time.

If you can tell me how, I'll upload some pics to make it easier to understand.


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Here are some pictures to help you better understand.

This is the top of the board. I have it upside down because it was easier to photograph without having to have my fingers in the way.

The underside of the board. Sloppy solder job I know but should be ok I think?

This is the switch. Btw, It does not click when it is depressed. I ordered 3 of them from this website and all 3 are basically noisless. I am not complaining, just wondering if that is normal?

Stereo Jack that I got from RadioShack. Notice the 4th lug. Not sure I wired this up correctly. Green is going to the 3PDT switch (Tip), the 2 blacks go to the ground on the board and the negative side of the LED (sleeve), and the leftmost black cable is the negative on the 9V plug (ring).

Mono Jack that I got from Radio Shack. Notice the 3rd lug. Again, not sure I wired this up correctly. Green is going to the 3PDT switch (Tip) and the black is going to the ground on the board (sleeve)

I hope this helps and thanks again for your time.


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Nevermind I figured it out. I had the tip, ring, and sleeve wired up incorrectly on the input and output. It is working now LED and all!! Now to work on the enclosure. It sounds great but full of bass. However, that could be because I don't have enough guitar cables here to try it out correctly since my stuff is at the "jam house" so I had to hook it up to my computer speakers which are full of bass anyway. Awesome, can't wait to try it out for real. Thank you for the schematics and the how-to!


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Hi, everybody.
I've been working on a strange idea for a few years, but never found out how to complete the job. Maybe someone of you guys can help.

The idea is to have a gain boost mounted into a volume pedal enclosure; I want it to be always on, with 0 gain when the pedal is up (so you have your clean sound on) and increasing the gain to full by pushing the pedal... Something like hitting the gas in your car, can you figure it?

I tried to modify a volume pedal, but the gain increase/decrease was impossible to manage: it would go full up in a short run at the end of the pot's turn or at the beginning, depending on the pot values I tried. I used the components and circuit of the MXR MC401, which has a full 25dB of gain; maybe it's too much gain for my idea?

Would this one have some more chances to work?

Any help will be appreciated!
Thank you and... Aron, great job!


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I think if you put the booster after the volume pedal, then put a resistor in series from the volume pot to ground this might work. The resistor can be a variable trim pot so you can adjust the starting volume (which you want as unity volume).


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Hi, sorry to barge into this thread, but i have a project due in 2 days and i need to fix the pedal i made,  after I took up the project of building myself an Octavio clone with two switches, I have encountered a few problems. After lots of trouble, I was able to get the signal finally working, however, it is very low, and I have to play the strings very hard to get the signal up. However, when I place my finger on switch 2 the pedal finally gains full signal. This was done without the pedal inside the enclosure. i made sure I was not touching any wires so I am not sure what the problem could be since by only placing my finger on the switch 2 where all the connections I go to, but I get full signal when i do it.

Thank you very much and I appreciate any response!

George Delisle


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I must have missed it, but...what does this circuit actually DO? It is a NPN boost circuit...okay...what does it boost xD How does it affect sound? :)