korg x911 guitar synth svc manual w/schems inside

Started by pinkjimiphoton, November 13, 2011, 11:30:10 AM

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edit: Sorry, I just realized, I have a PG-380, not an MG-510
I get them confused too.  The PG-380 has the voices on-board, where the MG-510 is simply a MIDI controller. I would imagine they're pretty much the same guitar in terms of playability, though, and I can't imagine the difference in their electronics has much of an impact on their respective weight.

I have a busted 106 too!  :icon_biggrin:

One of these days I'm going to get around to looking for some ROM cards for my PG, I kinda like the sounds it makes but I would really like to see what else it can do.

If your Juno has the busted DCO problem, they make clones now.
New and exciting innovations in current technology!

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If you want an advanced hex fuzz project, check out my "Muffy" @ wiseguysynth.com. Its got a separate Fuzz/VCF/VCA/ and a really good
envelope follower.  I don't have nay more raw boards but if someone wanted to do a run, I could share the artwork.  Its not simple ~or~ cheap
but more in line with any decent analog polysynth.  http://www.wiseguysynth.com/larry/guitar.htm

I also designed a remote control that can mount on a guitar with all the panel controls duplicated. Fits in a small hammond box and connects with a VGA cable
to the main unit.


That looks awesome! Shame you don't have any boards left, it's something I would have been interested in.
I am however even more interested in the version you have that includes a monophonic bass synth, any more details/samples?



Yes, I do realize this thread died almost 8 years ago! Has anyone of the previous contributors continued on with a similar project? Is anyone interested in getting the discussion re-started? I've been working with a few other collaborators on a true hexaphonic (divided pickup, Roland 13 pin standard), analog, modular guitar synth.

As anyone who has tried to do down this road has found, there are issues plenty and complications many to confront! If you happen upon this update and have any interest, post back and we'll see if we can get the discussion going again.

Hope everyone is having good luck with whatever projects that you're working on!

Best, Jim