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Troubleshooting a Tremolo Build
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I recently succeeded in building both a Feedback Loop and a Green Russian Muff Clone, so I thought I had the flow going. Turns out I was wrong.  :icon_sad:

My the last project, this:, didn't turn out as well.

I have soldered every component into its right place (I've double checked and then checked again), as well re-wired it twice. I've even tested every cable and soldering joints with a multimeter, but still... No dice. I'm not able to read the electronics schematics (, maybe I'm missing something there.
I've followed the bill of material and placed everything in it's right place (

When i connect it, I can run a bypassed signal through it (hurray) but as soon as I flip the 3PDT, there's no sound at all. And no light. But when I disconnected the LED I found that it was broken, still, that doesn't have anything to do with it not applying the effect to my signal, right?

I'm about to go to the rehersal space tomorrow to troubleshoot further, but if there's ANY advice on how to proceed, PLEASE give it to me. I would appreciate it immensely.  :icon_smile:

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Re: Troubleshooting a Tremolo Build
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This thing is a copy of the Tremulus lune (or the opposite? :icon_eek: I don't know..... and don't want to offend someone) nevertheless I build the tremulus lune and it rock!
This thing is two separated circuit which are connected through the VTL5C/2. To troubleshot it I recommend you to make the top circuit work first and then go to the circuit below.
If the LED was dead maybe you put it in the wrong direction. The long leg (+) is suppose to correspond to the triangle and the small leg (-) is the bar. Start there. If you see the led blink according to the speed setting this mean that the top circuit work (at least is a good indication). If not, you will need to post the voltage and do all the funny thing explained here:

The next part is the circuit below. It is very simple and should work if the VTL5C2 is properly oriented. There is a LED in the VTL5 and it also need to be soldered according to only one orientation. again look at the triangle and the bar on the schematic. You can search the specific orientation of the VTL in google. 

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Re: Troubleshooting a Tremolo Build
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any good kit should have working voltages for troubleshooting purposes. I almost always start there....
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Re: Troubleshooting a Tremolo Build
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All the pins of IC1 are zero, +9V (one of each), or 4.5V (6 pins).

Touching one pin of trimmer R4 should make a loud buzzzz. (Touching the other two pins should make little or no buzz.)

Touching the outer end of R2 R3 should buzz.
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