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Power supply question
« on: April 14, 2012, 08:05:03 AM »
Hi all. Ive just bought a TC Electronics Nova Delay with no power supply..
I have a gator power supply on my pedal board which has outputs of 9 and 18 volts.
Would it be possible to make a lead up with a resistor in line to bring the voltage down
from 18 to 12 volts ?
If so would i need to put a resistors on both the positive and negative sides of the lead or just one side?

Hope you guys can help.


Re: Power supply question
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If you use a resistor you'll have a voltage drop dependent by the current drawn by the delay, that you don't know and anyway can vary during the use so the resistor is not the right solution.
You should use a simple circuit based on a voltage regulator.
Look at this picture, but consider a 7812 instead of 7805.


Re: Power supply question
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Thanks for the reply