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Have you guys seen the iStomp from Digitech?  It's a programmable digital effects pedal.  Digital effects can be purchased from and downloaded using an iOS device (iPhone, iPad, etc).  It has four knobs for effects control and stereo in/out and an led with a configurable color.

What do you guys think of this unit?

I was considering making a device (uStomp) that's similar.  It would allow effects to be downloaded but it's different in the following ways:

1) Instead of four pots for controls there's two rotary encoders and a 3-digit LED display showing the parameter (1 digit) and value (2 digits, 0 through 99).
2) Settings can be stored and recalled - up to three sets of parameters, selected by perhaps the foot-switch.
3) Bluetooth us used for downloading rather than a cable and would therefore work with iOS, Andorid, Windows, etc.
4) Existing effects are available, new effects can be created by anyone using assembly language and shared.

Another thought would be to get rid of the rotary encoders and LED display and use the mobile device or PC (iPhone, iPad, Windows) for controlling the 'knobs'.  I'm not sure if people would like that idea though.

Anyone have thoughts on this?


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I like the idea of the iStomp, but not enough to make me want to buy an iproduct to be able to use it. I've only seen a few demos though and the programs don't seem that interesting, mostly just emulations of other existing pedals, seems like a bit of a waste given what you can do with DSP. 

Your uStomp idea sounds much more interesting, I've done something similar using the Spin FV-1 , nothing as elegant as bluetooth or a display, but it's a programmable pedal. 

I'd stick with controls on the pedal, maybe with optional remote control from another device, I think the idea of having to get your phone out just to tweak a setting would be a step too far for most people.


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Thanks for the input!  That makes sense.  I'll include the led display and controls to allow for 'disconnected' operation.  Perhaps I could do this such that each pedal has a receptical for a small Bluetooth plugin device.  So when you need to download a new program to a pedal you plug in the 'Bluetooth enabled programming dongle' and then download from the PC or an iOS device.