Author Topic: Building a distortomatic III, looking for ideas. official schematic inside.  (Read 1076 times)


Correct me if I'm wrong but going from bottom to top and right to left,
the op amps do the following functions:

IC3 A input buffer,    IC3 B output buffer for the mix of three signals
IC1 A and B clip the signal from input buffer (the oscilliscope shows that it folds the signal in half, octave up fuzz?)
IC2 A selects inverted or normal phase from the first clipping stage.
IC2 B does a volume control for the first clipping stage.

IC1 C and D clip the signal from the first clipping stage, (this stage is identical to the first)
IC2 C selects inverted or normal phase from the csecond clipping stage
IC2 D volume control for the second clipping stage.

Before I get started Id appreciate it if anyone could offer suggestions. I want to try out substitutions for the clipping stages. My plan so far is to use a rotary switch to swap the octave ups to assymetrical overdrives. But it'd be a lot nicer if I didn't have to use another quad op amp. Do you see anything obvious about the diodes in IC1 that I could switch through to get different clipping styles?

Lastly, Im looking for a schematic I could follow to substitute the phase inverters with continuous phase controllers. Ideally I'd like to incorporate a the little labs ibp work alike for the most phase options.

Thanks in advance, and enjoy the DM3 schematic, I wasn't able to find it hosted anywhere online without downloading the stompbox PDF. If anyone has the schematics for distortomatics 7 8 or 9 (10? I dont know how many there are) I'd really like to see them, please send me a message or post them here.
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