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guvnor vs drivemaster circuit
« on: May 30, 2012, 02:07:14 PM »
Anyone know if there are any differences in these circuits aside from the loop in the guvnor? I've heard that they are identical aside from the loop and other times that there are slight differences.


Re: guvnor vs drivemaster circuit
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with the exeption of a TRS switch jack, for fx loop on the guv'nor, they are the same. both factory shematics are in the layouts section under "johans simple circuits" ( page 5 or 6 or something like that)


Re: guvnor vs drivemaster circuit
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I really ought to open them both and have a look, I have both of the original pedals. I know the official schematics say they are supposed to be the same but if you play them side by side, the guvnor has and edgier sound to the picking attack and the drivemaster is fluffier. might be just something like the input capacitor but its a very noticeably difference between these two pedals(at least the two pedals I have)
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Re: guvnor vs drivemaster circuit
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I have 2 of the original Guv'nors and there is a noticeable tonal difference between them. I think Marshall revoiced them when production moved from England to Korea and added a bit more bottom end - I don't think it's just variation between components. I also have a Drivemaster and that sounds pretty different to the Guv'nors and lacks that je ne sais quoi the Guv'nors have. It's a while since I've used the Drivemaster so sorry to be so wishy-washy in the description :-\

When I get a bit of time I'll have a look at the boards


Re: guvnor vs drivemaster circuit
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Another difference, in the schematics, is the "grounding" to Vbias or the chassis ground for some of the signal paths.