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Cool Pedal Idea
« on: June 08, 2012, 05:09:09 AM »
Have you ever wondered to yourself what sounds better - Wah first, Fuzz second \ Fuzz first Wah second? Fuzz first, Chorus second etc...

Well, I made a sort of "circuit" (a switch...) that has an input, output, two sends and returns, and a switch that determines which send+return will be first and which second.
By just clicking the switch you can find out what sound better in which order.. without unplugging everything and re-plugging everything back, which totally sucks..  :icon_confused:

Here's my layout:

You can even use on of these (link below) to add an LED...

Hope you liked my idea.. :)
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Re: Cool Pedal Idea
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One of those would be handy!  :icon_cool:
It would be cool if you could swap the pedal order and also turn on and off each loop - I guess that's just a matter of adding 2 more switches.

Here's one from Beavis:
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Re: Cool Pedal Idea
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I've been pestering people to do this for years.  Particularly now that pedalboards have gotten so complex, rewiring things to try out what your phaser sounds like before or after your fuzz, or what wah->distortion sounds like compared to distortion->wah, is a royal pain in the arse.  Far better to have the effects you might wish to flip come to a common junction where they can be reversed without having to change a single thing about where the pedals are on the pedalboard, whether the power cable can stretch that far, whether the patch cables are length-compatible, etc.